Skin And Let Live

by Homebody




released 6/10/15


released June 11, 2015

Recorded by Alex Anderson at Colorado Sound Shed
Mastered by Sam Martin
Mixed/Produced/Written by Homebody
Released by Heretical Objects Coop (CA) + IbexHouse (IT). 2015



all rights reserved


Homebody Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Break In
The side of a pointed nose, it’s just the recital. Shake off all the nerves I know you’re excited. In turn for the light green robe worn straight into fashion, so hard to discern just who was invited, But broken with every chair it’s just the beginning. Its started on time but you’ve let yourself down. Take leave of the silent stare. They want what they came for in spite of a home cut down from the inside.
One is coming over, from the other wall. It’s not right the second time running through the hall. I’m still sitting simple. Forget to let it roll. I’m not one for travel, no, all the things I know.
At once, they tried to let themselves in the side door but all the cutting left them holding onto what remained of what was meant to burn and once it left out through our windowsill we sat as if unknowing of what we all had learned.
Don’t let it get you down, making the face I’ve tried to remember. Standing without the crowd won’t feel the same, but I can’t imagine it’s worse than what you have known. After all this it’s hard to forget, I won’t.
Track Name: Permanent Accompanist
Sprawled beneath the overpass he preached about the time to come, but when it was revealed we left him, he gave up on everyone.
They used to sway, their bodies shaking violently; tears ran down their face, begging to be relieved.
See shapes fast forward, warping colors not perceived. Footprints gather in a public square to demonstrate to you.
What it means… to receive.
Be sure to make straight your necktie, the noose you drape around your throat in honor of the hand that starves you, a tithing / sacrificial goat.
Your fetishes so obvious to those who would take the time to feel the hemming of your wardrobe, appreciate the stitching line.
All wrapped up in how it used to be (a thinning coat over conspiracy). Let feet gather conspicuously; a parade of killers to assembly.
Track Name: Above the Fray
Sunken letters forced upon the seams, engraved and left alone, kept still preserving the same scene forgetting none but those who stood like guns ejecting time. Save seats for the sleepers still in line.
Peeling back the corners of what was observed, but save small families they huddle like absurd pigeons; hands in clothing holding tightly to the gifts that were thought up for them.
On a morning like this it should be implied (unpleasant as it is), billows through mesh crawl from inside along with self-regard. From behind ash a calming view: money stacked like bodies rushing to buildings all around just like they weren’t there. The roads collapsing into chilling photographs. While drifting slowly your sense of community falters (never having had to be explained).
I know why they look up as they’re falling down
Buried in debris just like it always was (all the times the plans were over scrutinized) and hurting less than anybody thought it would (a peaceful mind is underrated).
Track Name: Hollow Nest
Safe from gleaming foreheads, palms wrapped under the seat. To ride undone, to where they come. Saddled breeder unwind, take the time you deserve. Drink from the cup you’ve yearned to taste. Drink deep for this will be the last offering in thanks for all that you have born.
Track Name: Alarm
Paper hats fall back on the silhouette that they brought back. Ghosts of animals hang from bassinets, as not to let fermented boys and girls seek apologies. They’ll let it be.
I just want to settle down
So men can tie up presents like a disease. Will it be called strength, or just anxiety? “Can you come back?” they still beg to their son. A woman collects clippings from magazines.
I am the seething soul that must admit it’s quiet yet. The lines I stole still have not earned regard, maybe it’s known, the flesh I’ve worn is still the closest thing to what I mean.
Unassimilated, I
Am sure they’ll try to forgive the best part of me, but traitors cry too, maybe while separating bills from blankets, as midwives watch from the floor sewing capes for whoever knocks on their door.
Bleeding into my life. Don’t you want to enjoy the time that you are free? I know I would if I was you, but I am glad I don’t have the blood on my hands.
Track Name: Guilter Shrine
Matted down cemented by their shame. Give myself to your medieval game. Burnt black caked on to feet below. Thick steps distracted by the snow.
Amused by interesting lies for now. Pretending I’m still looking back, I take my bow for success in hiding here from you. Hands clasped quiet, hollow smiles evade the truth.
Terrified by choreographed life. Turn to find it slipped under the knife
Bear down on my chest just don’t reveal where you grew up from could make me feel.
Make it louder blocking out sense of sound, forget who I’ll be when you’re not around.
Breathing of material scene it passes through. Wishing I could be a part of hopeful kissing, back and forth, I don’t believe the views of groups of people could lead to what you’re after. Let me leave before the disaster.
Track Name: Distressed
Now when you gaze upon a face of beauty and you catch a stare coming back do you hear yourself asking: “how many hours could pass before a sense of loathing sets in?” and do you wonder: “what hardship has been put upon me, that forces me to think this way?” only to realize that you have lived for all these years untouched and touching no one and nothing in return?
Seen sleeping, the others can’t deceive so selfishly, why no, it won’t be covered up, it won’t be.
And you can ask your self a thousand times: “would you decorate my life, did you decorate your life?” and you can ask yourself a million times: “did you separate my life? Did you separate your life?” and you can tell your self a hundred times how you celebrate your life. Could you celebrate my life? You can show yourselves a billion times how you could repaint my life, will you recreate your lives?
When you let your guard down to me I can’t believe the time I spent with out your trust: a tragedy
Track Name: Shallow Breathing
Bending human lines distress the balance set up by example here to learn through/how to take from all the children crowded together fear them wielding laughter, soldered at the knees, all to see.
Turn to the morning, families go home to bed, but they’re waiting for you. Depleted shine, do you try to rest your head, while they’re waiting for you? Follow warm color blinking slowly to pretend, as they’re waiting for you. Leading you inside its ok to go to them, they are waiting for you.
“Learn to tell apart the fainting actors by the way they fall.” your friend said to me, softly. It took until he left for me to realize how he pushed them with his memory, fooling me.
Arrest your motion leaving embers in the dirt, now I’m coming with you. Suspend belief, now nobody has to hurt, 'cause I’m coming with you. Adjust the cushion. leave skin in the cubicle, yes I’m coming with you. Take your relief for the manager to spill, I am coming with you.
In the daydream of a pilot above the sea, we can live out the dreams of our own. inside of the separate mind of a man we’ll never know (and I don’t think I’d wish to meet him if I was faced with the choice).
Track Name: Skin and Let Live
Lay me down with what you’ve learned. Did they show you how to earn? Can you tell your teachers from your family?
[Family] is hard to stand. I can be a better man. It helps to turn a back on everyone, but it’s still hard to stay. Wait tomorrow, yesterday I could tell my future from the past (which on I’ve come to dwell).
Faces now I know so well, safe from the destruction. They tell all who are left here to hear: “Let it grow another year”. Names so simple, but they still forget, of course, a pain to care.
Mouths that hide behind their hair feeding as demanded by their crime.