Human Ecstasy

by Homebody

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Homebody is Morris K., Michael S., and Thom L.

Morris- Guitars
Thom- Drums
Michael- Guitars/Electronics

Horns by Ben Donehower + Laura Conway (Pre-Teen O.D.)


released July 4, 2019

Lyrics + Music by Homebody
Recorded + Produced by Homebody in 2017
Mixed by Michael
Mastered by Brian Marcus
Art by Michael


all rights reserved



Homebody Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: 01 Assembly
Bound here by fading light, trace the tile, run the dye.
Daring Style.
Come Undone (unrelated).
Healing Smile.
Picturesque (self inflated).
In Denial
To Detest (so frustrated)
To Revile

Stuck in place wishing that the director would direct me.
Like an Idiot with an instrument posing for interns.
Playing in someone else's band really has me wondering:
"Is it worth the time and how do I appear in this picture?"

Holding on, build a nest, no recall, no interest.

In a state of constant failure, defining of human nature, veering back to change a wager, placing bets against your maker.

Feeding line sign points out all works going to actors;
Rubbing dirt into pale collars driving them mad,
In fear of the shame that comes with being a collector.
Marvel at the sleek design of your Swedish bachelor pad.

Stuck in this ancestral game I can reclaim, I can reclaim.
Living with no sense of gain, Ill take the blame. I'll take the blame.
Seeing the flaw in design, i would decline, I would decline.
Fleeing a subconscious mind I will recline, I will recline...
Track Name: 02 New Addiction (ft. Pre-Teen O.D.)
Following fake faces fading light.
Too aware that isn't a good look.
Spend a night poorly; contorting into frame.
Idle hands shake from the weight of this cup running over, with regret, take a look at the alternative.
You would have me compromise my taste,
but I much prefer wasting away.

Is it so wrong for me to say that I'm looking for a new addiction?

I'm looking for a new addiction.
choosing the void over a self involved fiction any day.

Found fulfilling new camaraderie with the envelopes piling atop the stove.
If they could I feel they would agree with this pious routine.
Imagine that outside some eyebrows raise, share a few suspicions... honestly I don't miss them.

- Success in repetition - Comfortable position

I'm looking for a new addiction.
I'm looking for a new addiction that keeps me away from societal friction.
Track Name: 04 Typical Wound
Validated smile,
Lying Liar.
Admirable body;
Shrinking, tired.
Sunspot on the window.
Rolling backwards
somewhere far from here
return after.
All inclusive model,
stainless steel,
factory full throttle.
Painless meal.

Select seating sounds misleading
Choking on still air in business class
Sanctum in the extra leg room
Tending to a typical wound
Mourning for a disappearing class

Savings after style,
discount fashion.
Half off every mile,
endless passion.
One way viewing mirror,
shameless power,
lock on every trigger.
Do not answer.
Tending to a typical wound
Bathing lesions in fluorescent light
Constant bleeding sounds depleting
Empty chairs await the meeting
Chemical release will make it right

All sales are final
Collect the rebate
Sign on the title
Select a nameplate
Track Name: 05 The Coveter
It's ok that you feel like I've used you.
I'm sorry.
It's ok that I feel used by you.
I forgive you.
Track Name: 06 Sunk Hole
Feeling restless
shaking breathless
tell em what you want
kindness is stupidity
charity is weakness
they all look the same to me
failing to keep interest
scattered documents
that catalogue events
and poorly represent
this growing discontent
paired with increasing rent
this population density
makes one feel less
organic we regress
to objects in a state
of permanent unrest
I've seen eyes stuck staring back at me
tell em what you want
in a morning mood
still struggling past noon
ignoring that a blue
stain grows impending doom
this certainly wont do
when every part of you
aches longing for a womb
or second place a spoon
i haven't slept since June
delusions moving to
a more inviting tomb
or even being anywhere
outside this room would
restore the senses
enable attraction
polarized objects
animate action
welcome your savior
Track Name: 07 Household Assimilator
blatant indignation at the burial
beautiful symmetry
it was intentional
manual manipulation came
secret exchange
a hidden ritual
looking for a way to rearrange
to something sane
dull and inane
choosing just to stay at home
I am the refrigerator
average appliance imitator
trusty analog stimulator
standard household assimilator

feeling far from heaven at the pinnacle
lost your conviction
but still so cynical
constant condensation window pane
waxing inanimate
it starts to rain
forcing you to stay at home
Track Name: 08 Human Ecstasy
Fading gloss smears in tasteless display
tattered shrine layers of veneer degrade
shattered pose vulgar pageantry in vain
compression grey scale rainbow liquidate
i can feel it coming down
Broken door leans gently in its frame
showing more than its purpose would explain
like before except not at all the same
beg for more an existence born in pain
i can feel it coming down
to be cherished
to be worshiped
to be healthier
to be worth it
to be serviced
no disturbance
on the surface
like a furnace
to have purpose and an answer
a disservice and a cancer
to torment to appall
no desire to recall
build a wall
meters tall
let it fall
end it all
urban sprawl
tattered shawl
poorly hiding from it all
a delusion in confusion of a misinformed illusion
seeking non existent spaces to reveal your darkest places
this safety is less real than the way you ought to feel
forced to forfeit any choice and to silence every voice
until they recite the rule, perfect unison will fuel
the demise and the lies and in total compromise,
you realize you despise all you've come to symbolize
in a state of reinvention you destroy relieving tension.
you survive

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