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Better Use of Leisure Time

by Homebody

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She showed up, dressed for the job she wanted, which judging by the trademarks on her clothes was so much more. Scattered pieces, amputation torn down to an inclination; should reflect with hours left, save time to interject. He stood there, dressed for the job he wanted And looking at him you could clearly see; it wasn’t much He hoped that she would lower her reasonable expectations for long enough to think of how she would react if suddenly they Dropped to the ground making the same sound. If you came closer I could feel your bones. if by some chance You’re the same kind of high could you take the color from your eyes?
Skinning on the grass, not to stain the tile Let the blood, the air is still How can I do for you? Comfort for the broken. Final days of fall. Gathering , the sleepless file by the tracks. Why they learned to skirt every chore To be out, days are styled short How can I do for you? Salivating master, circling the wall, buried by the slowing time, after dark But we still replace every tooth Until the wax starts to crack How can I do for you? Firing the broken, severing the tie, shift the weight to hollow steps kept in line How can I do for you?
a seat worn in and blue, they let the color reflect in the skylight, melting the tree-line, distorting the view of all the bayside, or maybe a phone line to believe that it was true, leaving the doormat, surrendered retirement the only requirement to be alive most of the time without a record became second nature, but to recline to another time had much less danger keeping in mind to let your head up over the line above the water could look unkind, try to be considerate as the rain served as a cure lifting the grit up out of the pavement smiles were painted it was unclear they could be pure standing like cavemen, reaching ahead just to be sure quietly waiting, plotting the movements just to observe no complication implied a vacation one undeserved keeping in mind to let your head up over the line above the water could look unkind, try to be considerate shaming criers call it wild peaking out from the black turn away from the surprise admire that its not for lack of trying x2 to invent a reason for your lies x3
It has started to feel the time to cross limbs and resolve the problems of a generation they say that it needs to change and I would but it keeps snowing everyday, just keeps snowing anyways, just keeps snowing everyday, just keeps growing Insecurity Ready to concede, the clipping of the wings that let them fly, they were so tired. Then she could see it was easy to deceive them for a while, it made her smile. Growing Insecurity. In fear of upsetting mood, just wait, suddenly a move; mistake. The distance grows. The distance grows. Looking for a throat to clear, a custom of this time of year. I can proselytize slip under my tongue. Wait for it to disappear. Stretching eyelids till you’re done, saying I’ve done nothing wrong, you can check my eyes it’s under my tongue, try to spit until its gone.
Aluminum 02:34
When she gets picked up downtown, she's always dressed in black. The way she melts in cold hands makes him feel like a real man. It gets hot, she gets wet. This is no illusion. When she meets on the east coast, she's always wearing white. To match the greying eyes under the city lights, as pockets turn inside to make it feel alright. This is no illusion. This is love mutation.
Victoria 05:02
Dead orchids on the kitchen table informed the feeling she was after, but not to seem uncomplicated they filled the empty rooms with laughter. Climbing to the top of the elevator. There would be pleasure in the moonlight, which drowned the cutlery like a faucet, directing their hands to the countertop. Staring at the subtitles in Japanese, I started to read, not sure if it was a dream (I'd like to find a way out of my head, find a routine without so much disease). Stepping through the shops, eyes covered, passing the time. It was clear that no one's here to find. Inspired by her carefree nature, investors threw their funds at bullets. Out East there is a sale on herbal tea competing with the price of gasoline. They still lay face down in recliners, swill instant coffee in the afternoon. Its hard to tell there is a crisis. You swear you still can't taste the difference. All of the masks fell dependently slow all to enslave them soaking the pavement. I don't believe/I believe.
Pig House 02:31
Humbly submitting to be turned into the conquest. Victim quickly became the closest confidant and only witness to every failure cleverly disguised as tribulation inside left to be rediscovered in time. It's not impossible that we're all cut from the same cloth, so let me crawl inside your big house baby. It's not impossible that we're all cut from the same cloth, so let me crawl inside your pig house maybe. By 8 o'clock it was unnecessary to discuss the fate of the passengers who wept inside. All of the cars derailed like one great insect separating, but in the blood was tens of miles of latent worship. It's not impossible that we're all cut from the same cloth, so let me crawl inside your big house baby. It's not impossible that we're all cut from the same cloth, so let me crawl inside your pig house maybe.
I left by the time you could see the faces double standing in line to decide life was too much trouble. Pacify from the inside. The flies circle manure. Flaming wire. Everything must come to pass. Shaming liar waiting to be let go. While the whip is handed down you and I could mess around. Apologize for who I know. Places that you might recall filling up to be set free. Wait for them to come to me. Sterilize the welcome mat. Staring back to feel it all. Natural violence. I want to let myself go. Natural violence. Oh and I need you to know; I don't want to be left for another tide. No, I don't want to be left for another tide. Natural Violence.


LP available on Limited Edition 12" Vinyl (black, 300 issued) from Heavy Dose Records, for purchase here: heavydoserecords.bandcamp.com/album/better-use-of-leisure-time
Cassette Tape available from Gary Cassettes


released November 4, 2016

Cover art by Sidney Masuga
Insert Photo by Matthew Novak
Drums by Carson Pelo
Mastered by Sam Martin
Written, recorded, produced, additional artwork/layout by Homebody.
Homebody is Morris Kolontyrsky + Michael Stein


all rights reserved



Homebody Denver, Colorado

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